Making Life Joyful

Pathways Sports Day 2021

On Friday 20 August 2021, Pathways Centre for children with severe disabilities, held their annual Sports Day “Pathways Olympics”.

Due to Covid restrictions, this year was different in that we had no parents and friends to cheer for the children. Nevertheless, they cheered loudly for each other. It was a wonderful morning of fun, laughter and competition!!!

We had young children participating in relays, rolling tyres, throwing bean bags into hoops. They all gave each other a high five as they passed “the baton”.

Children in wheelchairs had their facilitators running while trying to balance a glass of water and not spill a drop!!

Teens running against each other, doing an egg and spoon race.

We ended the morning with staff races and a game called “Donkey” followed by ice cream for the children.

A huge thank you to the Pathways staff and the childrens’ facilitators for all the practicing leading up to a really happy and joyful day.