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Welcome to Pathways


A centre for children with severe cognitive & physical disabilities.

Our Vision is …

To create a special place to educate and stimulate children and young adults with severe cognitive and physical disabilities and through this to provide them and their families with hope and support.

To enable our children and young adults to achieve a greater quality of life.

To support the family and improve their quality of life at home, making use of therapists input and guidance from suppliers of equipment for assisting with tasks of daily living.

Develop to full potential

We fulfill our mission by encouraging the children to develop to their full potential through the implementation of individual educational programmes (IEP) which focus on holistic development.  Each child is given the opportunity to develop both academic and functional skills. We are also conscious that disabled children have many health issues such as epilepsy, and therefore health care is part of our holistic approach.

Clinics and aftercare

Children can also attend the centre on an outpatient basis for intervention and developmental guidance.  We have an aftercare facility for children whose parents work and who cannot be left alone.

Not Just a Care Centre

Pathways is not just a care centre.  Our objective is to stimulate and educate the disabled child. Our programs have a positive impact over a period of time.
We have contact with other special schools and if a child makes suitable progress we will support and help process an application to a school if we consider it appropriate.

Community Focus

Our work has an outreach component that influences many people beyond our staff and children. In addition to our outpatient service we host training courses from time to time which are open to the wider community. They have been aimed at developing the skill of facilitators of disabled children.The content includes posture and seating , feeding technique, developmental activities and more.


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