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Pathways-Kloof Socio-Economic Development Programme

Pathways-Kloof is a centre, situated in Westville, Durban, for the education and stimulation of children and young adults with severe disabilities.

Established in 1995 by a physiotherapist and a parent who recognised the needs of families of children with disabilities, Pathways-Kloof has grown to a beautiful multi-racial, multi-cultural centre, meeting the needs of 62 children and young adults on a daily basis.

Pathways- Kloof mission is to enable children with barriers to social interaction and learning, and their families, to achieve a greater quality of life.

Pathways-Kloof has an active Outreach Programme. Our Physiotherapy team visit the Natal Settlers Home on a regular basis to assist with the children and young adults with severe disabilities, who live there permanently. They assist not only with hands on therapy but also with motivations for wheelchairs and splints.

We are continually fundraising and trying to obtain sponsorship for children whose families are unable to meet the monthly fee.

Children and young people from the surrounding communities are assessed at Pathways-Kloof and assisted with a Home Programme with regular follow ups.

Our Physiotherapist has devised a basic training course for facilitators of children with Cerebral Palsy.

Pathways-Kloof also runs a Facilitators Course which all staff members are required to do. This enables them to identify and assist families in their communities and refer them to the necessary centres for help.

More information may be obtained from our website